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George Shrinks
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by William Joyce

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Genre: adventure, humorous, Picturebook, read aloud
Subjects: clever child, family relationships, imagination, silly
Illustrated by William Joyce

  • William Joyce
  • adventure
  • clever child
  • family relationships
  • humorous
  • imagination
  • picture book
  • read aloud
  • silly
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All Are Welcome
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by Alexandra Penfold

Reading Level: all
This book is in stock

Genre: first day of school read aloud, Picturebook, read aloud
Subjects: back to school, community, family relationships, friendship
Illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman

  • Alexandra Penfold
  • Reading Level: All
  • Suzanne Kaufman
  • back to school
  • community
  • family relationships
  • first day of school read aloud
  • friendship
  • picture book
  • read aloud
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