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Thank You 2023-2024 Committee Volunteers!



Thank you for being a part of an Open Classroom Committee! Many of the programs that help make our school extra special happen because of the committee work done by parents like you.  We appreciate you and all of your hard work. 


This year, the committees accomplished extraordinary feats and events! 

  • Fundraising raised over $37,000 for our PFOE budget (goal was $34,000) 

with the use of excess PFOE funds, we purchased: 

  • A brand-new Orff xylophone and metallophone instrument set for our music program 

  • A new garden shed for the garden committee  

  • New circle rugs for every classroom 

  • Helped to pay $25,000 towards the required new Literacy program 

  • Helped to pay $3600 towards 9 new classroom projectors 


  • Publicity increased enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year and recruited passionate new families to our school. 

  • Community Connections successfully launched Neighborhood Night - a multi-location get-together to connect OC families within their neighborhoods and recruit new families. 

  • Community Support provided outreach support for many families in each classroom, as well as creating an amazing Staff Appreciation Brunch for our teachers and staff. 

  • Garden took time out of their busy schedules to maintain our garden and provide a fun, beautiful and meaningful space for our students. 

  • Co-op contributed to our unique school environment by committing time to help support our classrooms and students. 

  • Library earned over $1480 in their annual book fair. 

  • The Steering Body met monthly to help advise Steering Exec on the general school budget, the school improvement plan, passed multiple proposals that used our surplus PFOE funds to benefit the school, and discussed community concerns such as plans to increase enrollment. 

  • OC Philosophy brought back New Family orientations. They created and hosted multiple events to educate our new community members on the OC’s child centered, Learning Together philosophy. 

  • Traffic committee members continually showed up in sun, snow, and rain to ensure the safety of our students at drop-off and pick-up. 

  • Visual & Performing Arts transformed our gym into a winter wonderland for Frost Fest and were able to collect donations for the Utah Food Bank (400+ items) and VOA Teen Center (80 socks, 14 coats, 13 hats, and 22 gloves).    

  • Art co-opers created and led enriching art lessons for our classrooms and transformed every classroom into beautiful galleries for the Art Stroll. 

  • Yearbook collaborated with upper students to create a beautiful memory book for the 2023-2024 school year. 


Committee signs up for the 2024-2025 year are happening now!  If you haven’t had a chance to sign up, you can do that here:  OC Committees Sign Up 


We are currently looking for chairs or co-chairs for a few committees. If you are interested, please let us know!  

  • Coordination committee members 

  • Fundraising (chair & co-chair) 

  • Visual & Performing Arts (co-chair) 

  • Publicity (co-chair) 


Have a great summer! 


Maile Cowley  

Coordination Committee Chair