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Internet Safety

We use multiple tools to learn about internet safety throughout the school year.

Playing Interland and are good ways to practice digital citizenship skills- strong password creation, how to deal with online bullies, and avoiding scams.

Search our library for books about healthy internet use.

SLCSD Media Literacy Resources

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is another source to learn more about protecting ourselves from harmful content.

Start with strong rules and communicate with your grown-ups about what you do on the internet. It will help you avoid problems and make it easier to go to them for help if things don't go so well.

Crash Course: Managing Social Media

Social media is hard to keep away from, even with age limits. Talk with your trusted adults about healthy social media use and go to them for help if something doesn't seem right or if things get uncomfortable or scary. You can also use the SafeUtah app if you think you or someone else is in danger. You deserve to be safe. 

Protecting Privacy

This video shows how to access Privacy settings on some Social Media sites.

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