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Open Classroom Preschool students enjoying a rainbow colored parachute with their PE teacher  Penny.

O.C. Preschoolers playing under the parachute with Penny. (2023)

Students committed to improving their physical and mental health through movement and spending time outdoors.


An orange cartoon basetball

After School Basketball will be starting up Wednesday, Sept 27th

What time: 3-4pm 

Where: in the OC gym

Who can sign up: 5th-8th graders

How long: 6 weeks (9/27-11/1)

We have a parent volunteer willing to run practices.  The purpose of this program will be to teach the basics of basketball and the practice of good sportsmanship.  No previous experience is necessary. There will be a $20 fee for the program payable to Open Classroom.  You can register in the main office.

Space is limited to 15 students

P.E. Schedule


A graph showing PE class schedules.
Open Classroom Walk-A-Thon information on a tie-dye background
Open Classroom students practicing archery in our gym.

Archery practice in P.E. Also available as an after school course (2021).

Five Open Classroom students on the wall of a climbing gym.

Climbing gym field trip (2007).


Penny Davis

Penny Davis

Titles: Middle School Teacher
Locations: Open Classroom
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