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What is PFOE?

Parents for Open Education (PFOE)

The PFOE fund directly enriches our children’s learning experiences.  Money raised through parent donations and fundraising events goes into the PFOE fund. A few activities that this fund supports include: 

  • Classroom supplies 

  • Field trips & busses for field trips 

  • Art supplies for the school and each classroom 

  • Music 

  • After school sports 

  • Uppers science 

  • Graduation 

  • Events and activities sponsored by the OC Committees 

Some OC committees or OC funded activities have an annual budget.  Approval for, or changes to the budget need approval from the school governance bodies: SIC, Steering Exec, and Steering Body. An updated copy of the PFOE budget will be shared at the Steering Body meeting every month. 


Donating by check: Make checks payable to the Open Classroom or SLEF (Salt Lake Education Foundation) and write SLEF on the memo line. Deliver your check in person to the main office, or mail to Salt Lake City Open Classroom, 134 North D Street, Salt Lake City, UT  84103

PFOE Check
The words "Open Classroom" with a small penguin head in the first o.