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Sponsor Open Classroom! 

Sponsor Open Classroom! 


The Open Classroom School is a K-8 charter school in the Salt Lake City School District.  As a public charter school, Open Classroom charges no tuition.   The Open Classroom is also a Title 1 school, with 35% of students eligible for free lunch in 2022-2023 school year.  In order to offer exciting programs, technology, equipment, and field trips, we must raise a significant portion of our operating budget through private sources every year. We do this by turning to our generous parent community, the business community, and the philanthropic community in the Salt Lake area.   


The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected enrollment for The Open Classroom. Enrollment directly impacts the amount of money awarded for any grant the school applies for and also decreases the amount of money received for the budget each year. The budget at The Open Classroom provides salaries for teachers, paraprofessionals, support admin, coaches, and staff. The budget also provides funds for field trips, equipment, activities and other resources for students. In effort to continue supporting our students and staff, The Open Classroom is in need of additional donations now more than ever.  


Please see our Corporate Sponsorship pamphlet for more information. 


Open Classroom Corporate Sponsorship Packet.pdf