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Preschool children playing under a rainbow colored parachute for PE.
Children playing pirate dress-up.
Children decorating a pumpkin together.
Preschool children dressed as butterflies release actual lbutterflies with their teacher.

Reading Together

student reading
Two girls reading together at a table.
Older student reading to younger kids on the floor.
an adult sitting on the floor reading to children
Children reading together.
Students reading in a loft.
A student sitting at a computer desk reading a book.
A kid reading a book.
A kid reading a book by a window.
A girl reading a book in a window seat.
A student reading a Captain Underpants book.
A student reading a book at a table.
A girl wearing green pants reading a book in a green chair.
Students sitting in a bathtub reading a book.
Students reading in a bathtub
Two Open Classroom students reading together in a classroom.

P.E. with Penny

Yoga in the gym. A class of younger students doing yoga together.


Open Classroom SLC students having lunch together.
Open Classroom students and instructor seated on the ground learning about wildlife in Utah.
Open Classroom students exploring Antelope Island.
The Open Classroom playground, covered in snow and children,  seen through a chain link fence.
Girl standing on a crescent moon in the night sky, detail from an Open Classroom Salt Lake City mural..
A young student playing guitar on the steps of the Open CLassroom school library.
Students posing in a classroom with their newly made tea bowls.
Fire engine spraying water on students
A woman proudly hold a pumpkin at a farm.
Student band atop a parade float.
Children dressed in green holding a sign that says %22The Open Classroom Students, Parents, and Teachers Reading Together.%22
A stylish St. Patrick's Day parade partcipant.
A group of middle school students posing for a picture in their classroom.


Open Classroom Logo with black & white penguin.

Mission: The Open Classroom is a parent-cooperative learning community in which teachers and parents collaborate to educate the whole child and empower lifelong learners.  

Vision: The Open Classroom inspires authentic learning by engaging everyone in dynamic and evolving practices in a welcoming environment.