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Title I

We have the opportunity to strengthen our program to meet the needs of all of our students with the federal support of Title I. Title I funds are based on the number of students eligible for free lunch. As a Targeted Assistance Program, the Title I money is used to provide extra support to students who are not yet meeting the academic standards set, regardless of their eligibility for free lunch. We are also actively addressing the following parent, guardian and community involvement Title I requirements because we know a working partnership is crucial for our students to succeed.

As a Targeted Assistance Title I school we work with parents and guardians to understand and navigate the school system. We share information about the standards for learning determined by the state, the materials and programs we use to teach those standards, and the tests we use to show how students are progressing. We inform you about your child’s academic progress throughout the year. Communication with parents and community is a focus of our district and we value the different ways parents contribute to the success of their children. To enhance the way parents are already supporting their children’s academic success at home, we will offer materials and ideas that guardians might additionally use.

We also want to inform you that parents and guardians have the right to request specifics about the qualifications of their child’s teachers. If your child’s teacher is not considered Highly Qualified, we will notify you.

Parents will be involved in making school decisions, writing school plans, and assessing the effectiveness of school programs.

Our school has a variety of formal ways to develop the home/school partnership such as Back to School Night, Parent-Teacher-Kid Conferences, Steering Committee (SCC), school newsletters, and other such opportunities. Please know that we also value the informal yet important ways we work together through phone calls, emails, and visiting before and after school. We look forward to working with you this year!!

Parents Right to Know: Teacher Qualification

Student Success Plan

Open Classroom SCC Information

School/Parent and Guardian Compact and Family Involvement Policy

School Report Card 21-22


Parent/Teacher/Kid conferences are scheduled for October 25-26 and Feb 7-8

Free & Reduced Lunch Program


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Karen Holman

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