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Library Learning Center


Parents and guardians are welcome to check out books and other materials.

The first week of school everyone may check out one book. Extended limits start when students bring back that first book.

Kindergarten- up to 3 books at a time.

1st-3rd grade- up to 5 books at a time.

4th-8th grade- up to 6 each.

We do not charge fines for late books but require users to return them as soon as possible so that others may enjoy them.

After 2 weeks overdue notices are automatically emailed to parents.

Returned books should be fed to Cosmo, our Book Monster. 

Our new Book Monster in black, yellow, white and purple.

Lost or Damaged Book?

Best option: Replace with a copy of the missing title, in good or better condition.

Next best: Give replacement funds to our Secretary in the main office.

Still good: Donate another children's book, in good or better condition, to the library.

Whatever option you choose, please inform library staff of your choice so that accounts can be updated.

Finding Books

The Library Catalog is a great place to begin your reading adventure.

Slideshow shows book suggestions that will help students explore the latest library displays or seasonal topics.

Bulletin has links to online and real world learning resources.

Search gives information about each title including a map of where the book is located within the library.

Scout helps younger students search for books.

See it in action



“To learn literacy and research skills and explore the world together, as a community.”

To accomplish this we must-

1. Keep the library space and its users safe.

2. Provide a wide variety of quality, up to date, and age appropriate research materials.

3. Provide a diverse selection of fiction so that every child can find themselves, their families,

  and peers represented in ways that are both positive & realistic.

4. Provide materials that encourage more reading and more research as well as creativity, responsibility, and independence.

5. Provide opportunities for guided technological exploration and skill building.

6. Schedule time for every class to use the library resources on a regular basis.


24/25 Schedule TBA!

Online Reads

The Scholastic Header with a small creature reading ad red book.



White letters on a red background. Text- Storyline Online


An astronaut lazily reading in space.
A light blue robot rocketing into space. Text says Sora, Open a World of Reading.






Karen Larson

Karen Larson

Paraprofessional I

I have worked in our school library since 2013.

We've read and checked out thousands of books together!

The words %22Open Classroom%22 with a small penguin head in the first o.

Mission: The Open Classroom is a parent-cooperative learning community in which teachers and parents collaborate to educate the whole child and empower lifelong learners.  

Vision: The Open Classroom inspires authentic learning by engaging everyone in dynamic and evolving practices in a welcoming environment.