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Open Classroom Preschool students enjoying a rainbow colored parachute with their PE teacher  Penny.

O.C. Preschoolers playing under the parachute with Penny. (2023)

Students committed to improving their physical and mental health through movement and spending time outdoors.

P.E. and the Open Classroom Philosophy

Whole Child Learning at the O.C. also involves trying many different sports and games to practice:

  • teamwork
  • taking turns
  • build strength & coordination
  • emotional and physical self-regulation
  • while having have fun at the same time

Learning playground game basics teaches us skills that make it easy to go anywhere and play with anybody.

In addition to regular P.E. classes, we take frequent field trips to recreation centers and offer a variety of after school activities throughout the year.

P.E. Schedule


A graph showing PE class schedules.
After school sports announcement with figures playing various sports againsts a light blue background.
Open Classroom students practicing archery in our gym.

Archery practice in P.E. Also available as an after school course (2021).

A group of young Ultimate Frisbee players posing on a field in blue t-shirts.

The OC Ultimate Frisbee team. (2018)

Five Open Classroom students on the wall of a climbing gym.

Climbing gym field trip (2007).

Penny Davis

Penny Davis

Middle School Teacher

More information:

Penny's Class Disclosure Documents

District Health/P.E. Curriculum Information


Students practicing Long Board on a school playground on a bright day.

Upper students using the long boards on our playground. (2023)

The words "Open Classroom" with a small penguin head in the first o.