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Make a Donation

There are so many ways you can contribute to our school community!

Donating money directly to the school is just one way. 

Take a look around and find what methods work best for you and your family.

Many options are effortless and if you choose to make your monetary donation recurring, we offer special Thank You gifts- see below!

Does your company match your gift?  

Many companies will match their employees’ contribution, making your donation go even farther! 

Thank you for supporting our learning!

Fundraising Donation Rewards

Annual Walk-a-Thon Fundraiser

Open Classroom Walk-A-Thon information on a tie-dye background

Annual Open Classroom Art Stroll

Two students in masks build with connecting straws.

Donations help purchase learning activities. Students using construction straws. ( 2020)

A happy preschool class having their picture taken on the hay bales at an Autumn farm.

We go on a lot of field trips. Donations help pay for the buses that get us where we want to go. Joey's preschool class went to a pumpkin patch. (2022)

Painting of a black bird and a snake attempting to catch a white mouse.

We make art every week in every class. Your PFOE donations keep our supply closet well stocked.

The words %22Open Classroom%22 with a small penguin head in the first o.