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Recycling Program

Three large recycling bins at a school. Background shows large neighborhood trees.

Recycle your cardboard and paper materials at the Open Classroom! 

Green Fiber is a national, for-profit company with an office in West Valley. They started approximately 30 years ago in Utah as RediTherm, then became Green Fiber about a decade ago. The company turns the recycled paper into “cellulose insulation” for homes and businesses, according to Sandi McKamey, Green Fiber’s recycling coordinator. 

Green Fiber Accepts: 

All forms of paper including cereal, granola bar and cracker boxes (known as paperboard), magazines and catalogs (remove any plastic if they’re wrapped in it), office, school, construction and notebook paper (staples are okay, but not paperclips, binder clips or three ring binders). They also take junk mail, and there’s no need to remove the little plastic window found on some envelopes. Brown paper bags, egg cartons (not the Styrofoam or plastic ones), paper towel and toilet paper tubes are all accepted as are newspapers and all the advertisements stuffed within them.   

Bins are located on the west side of our building.

mixed recyclables > blue bin 

paper only > green bin 

garbage > brown bin.

Green Fiber will donate $15.00 a ton to The Open Classroom in return! 

Previous years efforts:

2019 7,600 lbs. recycled = $109.50 for our school!

2021 6,500 lbs. recycled  = $45.00 for our school!

SLCSD averages about 150 tons of paper products recycled every year.

That is equivalent to saving more that 2,600 trees per year!


Five cartoon trees in a row.


The words "Open Classroom" with a small penguin head in the first o.

Mission: The Open Classroom is a parent-cooperative learning community in which teachers and parents collaborate to educate the whole child and empower lifelong learners.  

Vision: The Open Classroom inspires authentic learning by engaging everyone in dynamic and evolving practices in a welcoming environment.